H.O.P.E. TransformaSHEN™ Program

I am Seibo Shen and I created the 12 Week H.O.P.E. TransformaSHEN™ Program because I know that people are always willing to work and fight for their dreams when they still feel like their is HOPE. H.O.P.E. stands for HEAL, OPTIMIZE, PRIORITIZE, and EXECUTE.


The H.O.P.E. TransformaSHEN™ Program is a STEP by STEP system that will ensure that you are able to identify where you are at now, create the time, mindset, and resources to create a roadmap of where you want to be, and then execute your plan so you will finally start seeing the RESULTS you want to see in your life. 

Below is a summary for each of the 4 Modules:


Before you begin any new project, it is important to make sure that the foundation you are building it on is strong and stable. Many of us have big dreams and aspirations and we begin to make progress towards it, only to lose momentum because bad habits or limiting beliefs keep pulling you back down


Now that you have built up a solid foundation, you will have have a lot of work ahead of you in order to architect the life of your dreams. It is very important that your mind is not cluttered with random thoughts that de-focus you from your goals. Optimization will ensure that your efforts will not go unnotice.


As we mentioned in the previous section, there is a lot of work to be done. When there is a lot of work to be done, it is easy to become very busy without accomplishing much. We will make sure that you are clear on your life PURPOSE and we will create a VISION so you will get the most important things done first.


Even the best plans do not bear fruit if you do not know how to execute properly. Having great HABITS and ACCOUNTABILITY are crucial in achieving excellence in your execution of your vision and strategy. I will teach you techniques that will help you create successful habits that well help you create the life of your dreams