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A little bit about me...

I'm Seibo Shen and I am an entrepreneur, mindset, and business coach. I have been a part of 6 successful exits in Silicon Valley. I recently stepped down from the 3 companies (Vapexhale, Hanu Labs, BRNR Lab) that I had been running in the cannabis space to focus on helping others achieve their dream lives by focusing and optimizing on fulfillment and purpose.


I have spoken at SXSW, ArcView, New West Summit, and interviewed by publications such as Business Insider and Forbes. I love helping burned out overachievers realign their interests with their goals so that they can live a life of abundance, fulfillment, and purpose.

I created a step by step program where I teach you how to HEAL, OPTIMIZE, PRIORITIZE, AND EXECUTE on your life dreams. Click the button below to learn how I created the life of my dreams where I have financial stability and the time to pursue my hobbies and hang out with my loved ones.

Electrician at Work

Turn Your Passion

Into Profit

Experience You Can Trust


Meditation and Manifestation

When your business has a weak foundation, it is difficult to sustain PEAK performance. I teach you the proven business fundamentals that can take your business from side hustle to profitable business. Work smarter, not harder, and experience MORE RESULTS.

Entrepreneurship & Business

Mindset Coaching

The right mindset will dramatically increase your chance of achieving your dreams and goals. I will show you the INFINITE GAME mindset. This thinking framework will ensure you fulfill YOUR FULL POTENTIAL where you feel FULFILLED and purpose driven. 

Have you already hit you achieved everything you wanted but somehow still don't feel like you are fulfilled? That is a great sign that you are ready to do some DEEP inner work. This type of work will allow you to experience the world in a completely different, yet even AWESOMER way.

Heal, Optimize, Prioritize, & Execute

The HOPE CHILLIONAIRE Program is designed for those that have already tasted some success in life but are still left feeling unfulfilled. A CHILLIONAIRE is someone who is:

  • Financially secure and stable

  • Has plenty of time to cultivate and nurture important relationships

  • Has projects and hobbies that give them purpose and fulfillment that they do not need to monetize

  • Connection to the community, nature, universe, and/or spirit


If you are interested in living the CHILLIONAIRE lifestyle, go ahead an book your strategy call today to see if you are a good fit for the program

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Edwin Ho

I came to Seibo trying to solve and figure out how I could get started with my coaching business and present myself in a way that was honest, aligned, and authentic with my offers. It’s hard to put into words what an amazing coach does because of the intangibles and unseen work that goes into our sessions as well as the commitments and intentions held for our sessions. He lives and embodies what he preaches.
There are many coaches who are good at what they do, but there are few whose presence makes you step up your game and affect the way you show up. The coach who counsels well and understands the power of silence, acceptance, unconditional love, encouragement, and space is someone you must definitely have on your team/guide/counsel. I cannot stress this enough.
Seibo is that coach.
Seibo helped me elevate my consciousness, level of thinking, way of being, and how I show up in the world. 
The results I have seen are an upgrade in greater self-expression which led to more natural self-confidence, deeper and richer relationships, clearer thinking as well as clarity about future direction, deeper level of self-trust, and greater peace of mind. Eternally grateful to have him as my coach and mentor.