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A little bit about me...

I'm Seibo Shen and I am an entrepreneur, mindset, and business coach. I have been a part of 6 successful exits in Silicon Valley. I currently run 3 companies (Vapexhale, Hanu Labs, BRNR Lab) in the cannabis space.


I have spoken at SXSW, ArcView, New West Summit, and interviewed by publications such as Business Insider and Forbes. I love helping people develop the mindset to take their side hustles and turn them into profitable, full time businesses and this is why I created the H.O.P.E TranformaSHEN™ PROGRAM.


This is a step by step program where I teach you how to HEAL, OPTIMIZE, PRIORITIZE, AND EXECUTE on your life dreams. Click the button below to learn how I created the life of my dreams where I have financial stability and the time to pursue my hobbies and hang out with my loved ones.

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When your business has a weak foundation, it is difficult to sustain PEAK performance. I teach you the proven business fundamentals that can take your business from side hustle to profitable business. Work smarter, not harder, and experience MORE RESULTS.

The right mindset will dramatically increase your chance of achieving your dreams and goals. I will show you the INFINITE GAME mindset. This thinking framework will ensure you fulfill YOUR FULL POTENTIAL where you feel FULFILLED and purpose driven. 

I teach you how to consciously use CANNABIS in order to tap into your intuitive wisdom to help guide your cognitive intelligence. By synchronizing your logical and intuitive minds, you can MAXIMIZE your CREATIVE output and PRODUCTIVITY.

Heal, Optimize, Prioritize, & Execute
TransformaSHEN™ Program
The HOPE Program was designed for those that want to live a life without limitations. Today, we are often given the choice of professional OR personal fulfillment. I believe that with the right mindset, tools, and resources, we do not have to compromise our personal happiness for our professional success. If you want to be able to live a life where you are financially stable, creatively open, and have the free time to pursue your dreams, click the button below and fill out our questionnaire and we will get back to your immediately with next steps for you to start the life of your dreams!

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When I came to Seibo, my side business of coaching was just starting. I had to skills to coach people but I was having trouble finding clients.


After working together for a month, I was already generating more leads than I had in the previous 6 months. I was already familiar with many of the concepts that Seibo had showed me but what I realized was, it isn't just understanding the concept but being able to execute the concepts effectively.


Seibo was very patient and helped me conquer many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from properly expressing myself and communicating what I do. 

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